What to Learn from a Lady Breastfeeding a Possum in a Coffee Shop (Well, sort of)

I'm in this coffee shop thinking this lady breastfeeding and she got a whole possum under her shirt.

Couple takeaways:

1. You need to get out into the world to gain inspiration. Entrepreneurs, don't get stuck in your house staring at those 4 walls, feeling uninspired. I had no clue what to chat about today until I saw her.

2. Stop playing it safe. Outrageous marketing gets you noticed. Now I'm not saying sit in the coffee shop and appear to breastfeed a possum but you get the picture.

3. I need to be showing up for my brand like she's showing up for these possums. I should have branded materials with me just like she does with their faces on it. Logo on bags, pens, notebooks, keychains, etc And you should too!

4. Don't worry about what people may say, think or feel about you. If you value something, if you love something, if you're passionate about it... Live for it! They won't have a choice but to respect your mind. I ain't bout to check her bout these possums.

5. Conversational content marketing is bomb as hell. How do I know? Because this is the last point and you're somehow still reading. 

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Oh btw, and stop "playing possum", you see me working and when it comes to helping you build a bomb ass brand, I'm the only one to get the job done.

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