So and so has it cheaper...

I paid $10 for iPhone headphones and 3 days later the mic no longer works. 

You see what happens when you try to take the cheap route?

I refused to pay the $25 for headphones that more than likely would have lasted and come with a warranty. 😩

Now, I’ll have to buy the $25 headphones anyway. Which will be $35 spent. 🙄

That “so and so has it cheaper” mentality can be toxic AF.

If you can’t afford something now, don’t settle for the cheap shit. Or not even can’t afford it, you have the money but you just choose to go with the cheaper option.

Work towards saving for that goal and go for quality!

If you don’t, you’re more than likely going to spend more than the higher option is asking for when you have to fix a bad decision.

Stop playing yourself❗️

Coffee x Hustle is $25 headphones, don’t hire $10 headphones to help you build awareness and increase your brand’s visibility.

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