HOW-TO make the bag chase you

HOW TO: Make the bag chase you...

Know your target audience, pretty much stalk them to know all there is to know then engage and develop rapport.

Gain their attention and have them interested in what it is you have to say. Questions are a great way to do this because people love the opportunity to talk about themselves. You gotta try to find something that links the two of you together.

From the second they run across your IG, see your shared post or notice your Facebook ad, they're judging you. You can't control if they're going to greet you with good vibes or try to step to you as a woman (or disgruntled customer) but you can control how you will initiate the conversation or respond to them.

Again, lead with a question that lets them talk about them.

Don't pull up with the pitch, don't start off "salesy', start friendly. Decide that your goal is to develop a new relationship instead of earning a commission.

Share content that you feel they care about: memes that'll make them laugh, quotes that they can resonate with, articles of interest, opportunities for them to talk about them and how they feel, more about who you are and how you can help them, etc etc

You gotta constantly find new ways to engage them. Dassit. They'll be signing up, adding to cart, attending events in no time.

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