God gave you a gift.

God gave you a gift.

God gave you talent.

God gave you a specific assignment!

Stop trying to compare what you have and where you are to other people!


👏👏👏 Be comfortable being who God created you to be.

God's assignment for you may be to paint but yet you're worried bout somebody else's colored pencils.🙄

Thoughts drive you to change, so if you ever want to reach success. That's your uber!


When you start loving YOU, the world will follow.


🗣️🗣️Don't be a blessing blocker!

If you must put "don't DM" in your bio (which I advise against). Please add a link to send an email. You could miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime tryna be bougie. 🙄

How I'm supposed to contact you? Send smoke signals??? Don't be a turnoff.

You’re “the plug” but your page private. I can’t even connect with you.

The smallest step in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest step of your life. 😳🤗

Let’s be real... at this point, the only thing stopping you from walking into your greatness is you! I said what I said.

🗣You gotta stop sitting around wondering why nothing is happening for you and start creating those opportunities.

✨Start to tiptoe across those marble floors so that you can start A town stomping on those Persian rugs!

If may seem scary but when you start moving the universe seems to start moving in your favor. Of course, you’ll have your doubts, that’s because It’ll always seem impossible until it’s done❗️

🗣So if you’re asking God for it, you better move like you already got it! If you want something so bad, you better start acting like you deserve it!

Excuse me while I go electric slide into these blessings!  

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